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Our Company

With more than 23 years of experience in marine engines, generators, etc. We provide all kinds of parts, complete engines, generators, navigation equipment, large fishing materials (New and used).


We are a leading supplier of generators throughout the world. We have offers on new, used and reconditioned marine engines, as well as diesel generators, gas generators or power generation equipment. Farran Marine Trading SL also offers power generation solutions to our global clients. We can offer quality used power plants, engineering solutions globally and always with the best brands in the sector. We are wholesalers in the international sale, oriented to the industrial and maritime market, supplying diesel engines, generators, gearboxes and new and used spare parts. Our warehouse and workshop is currently located in the Pibo industrial estate, Seville, Spain.

Personalized Service

Our customer service is the best and we can serve you in 4 languages ​​(Spanish, English, French and Arabic). Contact us now by phone/whatsapp +34 672 016 686

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